Best Fleshlight – Top 5 – Reviews & Prices – Textures & Sleeves – 2017

The dark ages for male masturbation “accessories” lasted from the beginning of history until about twenty years ago, when the Fleshlight changed men’s sex lives forever. Here is our comprehensive review of the best fleshlights. This revolutionary product will change your life.

1. Tenga Flip Hole, Black

The Tenga Flip Hole black version is phenomenal. It’s the Swiss army knife of the male masturbation world. It is very discrete and looks like a futurist remote control. No one will ever be able to tell what it is so you won’t need to hide it in the sock drawer. If you’re looking for a more vanilla experience we suggest sticking to one of our other recommendations. However, if you’re more adventurous and want the absolute most pleasurable sensations, then this is the one for you.

It is a custom unit meaning it doesn’t have the same shape and feel like a vagina, anus, or mouth. The medical grade silicone is expertly crafted with ridges, spheres, and walls that will drive you wild. If sex is a ten and solo masturbation a one, that makes using the Tenga an 8. Nothing can replace the feelings of being with a living, breathing human being. But no living, breathing person can replace the inner workings of this marvelous toy.

We have nothing but great things to say about this product. It’s truly the best feeling fleshlight, and I highly recommend it.

Life Before the Fleshlight

Guys have always been imaginative. They’ve been cutting holes into loaves of bread – for the obvious purpose – ever since the days of ancient Greece. In the movie American Pie, Jason Biggs’ character modernized the technique with the help of an apple pie. As disgusting as it may sound, spam is another popular jerk-off buddy in some parts of the world.

Food isn’t the only alternative that guys have resorted to. Over the centuries there have been many published accounts of men humping female statues, from Cupid to the Venus de Milo. European sailors used to make their own “partners” out of clothing, towels or other types of cloth, and mass-produced inflatable sex dolls (believe it or not, offered with the option of “live” or “dead”) first hit the French market in 1908. Rudimentary sex dolls, which had a nasty tendency to break when actually used, became available in America in the late 1960s when the sale of sex devices was legalized. It wasn’t until the RealDoll was first introduced in the 1990s, though, that anything approaching the actual feeling of intercourse was available in a non-human package – to anyone was willing to spend thousands of dollars on an inflatable partner.

The Fleshlight Breaks Through

Today, everyone knows the Fleshlight as the world’s first and best pocket pussy. But it was originally designed simply to be a “better” sex doll. Its creator, Steve Shubin, sunk about $250,000 into building the ultimate fuck toy without making a single sale before he finally realized that most guys just didn’t want to bring home a full-sized mannequin.

He quickly redesigned the doll’s genitals to make them small, portable and easy to hold, while retaining the internal construction responsible for the pussy’s incredibly realistic feeling. The first Fleshlight was released in 1997, and once Shubin figured out the best ways to market it, his product was a smash hit. It’s still the best-selling men’s masturbation companion in the world, with nearly ten million sold since its introduction and almost 100,000 sold every month.

What Is A Fleshlight, Anyway?

If you’re one of the people who’s heard of the Fleshlight but never seen or used one, here’s what you’ve been missing.

The device does indeed look very much like a flashlight, ten inches long and four inches in diameter. It’s easy to hold with one hand, easy to maneuver, easy to carry and store. And since it resembles an ordinary household tool it doesn’t have to be stored; you can safely leave it out on a table or shelf – although since so many guys now own at least one, you may get a knowing wink from a visitor who knows “that’s not really a flashlight.”

There are two major parts of a Fleshlight. The sturdy outer case protects the goods and is the section that’s designed to look like a flashlight, and the inner sleeve is where your junk goes. There are caps on each end of the case; the big one hides the sleeve and is taken off when you’re ready to get off, and the small one can be rotated to adjust the amount of suction you feel as you’re pumping. The small cap also comes off entirely when it’s time to clean the Fleshlight.

Overall, the unit may not be quite as light as you’d expect, but that’s a good thing since it’s not made of flimsy plastic that will quickly break. The Fleshlight is built to last, comfortable in the hand, and at less than two pounds it’s not heavy enough to be a distraction once you get down to business.

The device’s case is ingenious, but the sleeve is truly magical. The material used inside is a secret, patented combination of rubber polymers and quality mineral oil (the company calls it SuperSkin), with no silicone, latex, plastic or potentially-hazardous phthalates used in the construction. That has a secondary benefit aside from being non-toxic; there’s no trace of the “artificial” smell you normally associate with any type of sex toy. Most of the sleeves are interchangeable, too, so you can buy a number of them without having to buy separate cases.

So that’s what it’s made of. What does it feel like? In many ways, that’s totally dependent the Fleshlight model you choose. Generally speaking, however, the sleeve is silky, soft and more realistic than you would think possible; you may find yourself getting turned on just by putting your fingers inside. The sleeve stretches to comfortably but tightly accommodate your penis size and girth so it makes contact with the entire surface, unlike your hand which only contacts a little more than half when you jerk off. And the feeling of having sex with a Fleshlight will make you want to prolong the experience as long as possible, rather than cum as quickly as possible so you can get back to Netflix or go to sleep.

One warning (of a sort): don’t expect the orifices (the official name the company uses) to look like perfect replicas of the human vagina, anus or mouth; you can certainly tell what they are, but you won’t get excited just by looking at them. The key to the Fleshlight isn’t visual stimulation – it’s the masturbation experience.

Buying a Fleshlight is more complicated – and more fun – than the purchase of a flashlight. There’s an enormous range of choices, letting you customize your experience in ways that may surprise you.

Types of Fleshlights

Where to start, where to start? Let’s start with the easiest decision you’ll have to make: vaginal, anal or oral. The majority of the enormous number of Fleshlights you can choose are pussies, but there are quite a few butts and mouths available as well. Many of the best anal and oral options are in the Fleshlight Girls collections, made in partnership with famous porn stars. We’ll get to those shortly, but we’ll concentrate more on vaginal Fleshlights because those are the company’s best-selling products.

A genuine secret to a Fleshlight sleeve is its texture; the ribs and spirals on the inner surface create the sensations and waves of pleasure that amazingly replicate the feeling of having sex, more than a hand ever could. And since each type of Fleshlight sleeve has a different texture, each provides a very different masturbation experience.

Here are some of the most popular Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Sleeve Options

Best-Selling Vaginal Sleeves

The Wonder Wave is the company’s top selling sleeve, with a tight canal and ribbed “waves” of varying sizes spread out throughout the sleeve. It’s recommended for those new to the Fleshlight, and it provides an intense and satisfying orgasm.

The Lotus and Mini-Lotus are the most realistic feeling of all the Fleshlight sleeves with the ribs and contours more oddly-spaced and sized, and the experience a bit softer and gentler than with the Wonder Wave. The Mini-Lotus is a better choice than the Lotus for smaller guys; the textured area of the sleeve starts close to the opening, and the penis doesn’t have to go in as deep to feel the benefit.

The Destroya comes from the Stoya porn star collection but can be purchased separately as a sleeve. There’s a complicated and very effective mix of small and large, flat and pointed ribs and bumps throughout, along with constrictions and ridges. It doesn’t actually destroy a cock, but it gives the penis a “wow” of a workout and has won a number of independent intensity tests.

The Vortex has an impressive assortment of different-sized chambers, creases, and ridges with a spiral texture, providing a unique and powerful feeling highlighted by strong suction and waves of pleasure.

Best Anal Sleeve

The Super Tight butt sleeve is unusual for a Fleshlight in that it’s not textured (they do offer textured anal sleeves as well), but it provides exactly what its name promises – the Super Tight gives you the most realistic anal experience you can have without a real ass in front of you. You don’t have to ask if it hurts, either.

Best Oral Sleeve

The Swallow sleeve is available in most of the Fleshlight Girls (porn stars) collections, and it’s designed to provide a realistic deep throat experience with two separate chambers that are built to size to replicate the feeling and pressure of the mouth, throat, and gullet. There are even bumps near the entry to simulate teeth. Thankfully, they’re soft.

Stamina Training Unit(STU)

One of the benefits of using a fleshlight is training yourself to last longer before orgasm. You may ask, can’t I just do the same with my hand? The difference between your hand and one of these wonderful products is the sensation you will feel. I will use myself as a personal example. Let’s say it takes me 5 minutes of masturbation to reach orgasm. Well with a good Fleshlight that time will be cut down to under 1 minute. That’s how much better the feeling is. Similar to upgrading from your palm to another person’s orifice. You take this extra mental and physical stimulation and use it to build higher endurance.

Click here if you want to learn more about the STU.


You read that right; alien fleshlights are a thing. Guess what? They’re awesome. The depths of human depravity have no bounds! Why go through life without experiencing and trying as many pleasurable and exciting things as you can. They’re blue and have a very attractive silicone inside using unique texture patterns. You may even discover a new kink you never knew you had.

Other Fleshlight Collections and Products

Almost every one of your exotic favorites is available for your enjoyment in the Fleshlight Girls series, from Tori Black and Alexis Texas to perhaps Fleshlight’s most popular model, Stoya. All of the FGs have had complete vaginal and anal Fleshlights (with case) made to resemble their orifices, and there are oral Fleshlights in many of the collections as well. Some of the Fleshlight Girls series also offer multiple sleeves to choose from. In addition, there’s a Legends collection featuring all-time stars like Jenna Jameson, Nina Hartley and Tera Patrick, and a Cam Stars collection with some of the hottest camgirls’ Fleshlights available.

Fleshlight has stayed on top of the latest technological trends, recently releasing its advanced and very cool Launch. It allows you to connect your Fleshlight to online webcam shows, VR games and other compatible sources for interactive sexual experiences beyond your wildest dreams.

There’s also the Vibro series that adds vibrations to the standard Fleshlight experience, the Freaks series with orifices that have all sorts of fantastic (and even scary) appearances, and the clear Ice series that lets you (and/or your partner) watch the action as you get off.


Convinced Yet?

If not, I want you to read this little statement I put together on just how much pleasure and fun you can have. This is my own experience, and it matches up with most reviews I’ve read online.

The best solo way I’ve found using it is placing it between your mattress and box spring. I’ve found the experience much more pleasure if it feels like I’m thrusting into something rather than doing a jerk off motion. This typically placed it at a good height for deep thrusts reminiscent of actual sex. Have a glass of wine and turn on some porn and you have yourself one hell of a night. You don’t have to use it this way, and if you come up with a new and innovative approach, please let us know in the comments.

Unlike when with another person, you can go as hard or fast or slow as you’d like. There are no expectations that need to be shattered. No one else’s comfort that needs to be considered. You can solely focus on your own pleasure. You can really tease your penis with a fleshlight from this position. Complete control over the tempo and movements. The intensity will build fast and feel amazing. As your penis moves through all the different ridges, bumps, and textures over and over again. While not a replacement for the real thing, it can come damn close.

Quickly you will get to the point of no return. When you’re almost ready to ejaculate and the intensity increases. At this point you will be feeling incredible sensations as you never have before. Your penis will be incredibly sensitive and it may be difficult to keep going. Your body will be screaming at you to get that sweet release. The next few moments will be unforgettable as you finally orgasm deep into your new favorite toy. Shooting over and over again in pure ecstasy. When it’s all over you will likely feel a bit light headed. Take things slow for a few minutes afterwards.

This earth shattering discovery will likely change your life forever. Your hand will finally go on that much needed vacation and maybe even enter early retirement. It probably won’t totally replace your hand as it is super convenient but it will be difficult to go back.

After experiencing this you won’t regret the small amount of prep or cleanup time that comes with it. It is so worth it and honestly does not take more than a few minutes.

How To Use a Fleshlight

You’ll need more than a hand, some lube and a box of Kleenex to use a Fleshlight to best advantage – but not much more, just some warm water.

The hand, of course, will hold the Fleshlight. However, you can tuck it in between mattresses or cushions to free up your hand, buy mounts to help you prop it up anywhere you’d like, or purchase a dedicated attachment that lets you mount it in a shower. The reason for the Kleenex is obvious.

The lubricant is even important to use than when just jacking off, since the whole point of a Fleshlight is to provide a tight and satisfying fit. Be sure to use a good-quality water-based lube, because most other types will damage the sleeve.

You don’t have to warm your Fleshlight before using it, but soaking the sleeve in warm water for a few minutes so that it reaches normal body temperature will make your session feel more like real sex. Otherwise, it could take you a few minutes of pumping before the sleeve warms up on its own. Fleshlight also now offers a Warmer that makes things quicker and easier.

We’ve already mentioned the smaller cap at one end of the Fleshlight that can be adjusted to change the suction of the seal around your cock; start with it half-way “open” for the feeling that most users prefer, then tighten or loosen it to enhance your experience.

Otherwise, just go to it. The more you experiment with your Fleshlight by changing the suction, rotating or twisting it during use, or using a mount to let you vary your body position – the more fun and enjoyment you’ll have.


Other Important Factors and Features To Consider

There are few important things you may want to consider before making a purchase.


The reason we suggest staying away from Chinese knockoffs is for the simple fact you never know what you’re going to get. The products could have unsafe chemicals or be made from an uncomfortable non-medical grade material. The last thing you want is to stick your penis into is a poorly constructed, chemical laden fake vagina. The brands we recommend are used widely and have undergone rigorous approval standards set in western nations. They work and are safe, trust us, we have been using them for years.


I’m far from a prude but I really don’t want my mother, mailman, or neighbors knowing about my sex life and kinks. Fleshlight has completely discreet shipping and credit card purchase details.

Fleshlight Price

Price varies from brand to brand and model to model. However on average you can expect to pay between $30-$60. More if you plan on buying extras such as lubricant. You can often find discounts on Amazon which is where we suggest you do all your fleshlight shopping. They offer the best prices, versatile and discrete shipping options, as well as highly rated costumer service.

Where To Buy a Fleshlight

Hey, it’s the 21st century. It’s easy to buy Fleshlights online or at your local porn and sex toy shop. Most find it convenient to purchase online, either from the Fleshlight site, Amazon, or adult retailers like Adam and Eve; that’s where you find the most choice, your purchases show up right at your door, and there’s no chance of running into a nosy neighbor if that sort of thing might embarrass you. However, we suggest purchasing directly from the source. The store offer the best prices, newest models, and as we mentioned earlier, discreet shipping and purchasing options. Furthermore, you also know you aren’t getting a cheap knockoff.

Click Here For The Latest Price


Fleshlight Video

No, this video doesn’t contain anyone having sex with a fleshlight. It simply explains a few key points. A lot of great information, check it out.


A vibrator or dildo will never be able to replace a man. The same goes for fleshlights and women. However, when you combine these amazing sex toys with another person, you can take things to a whole new level. You know when a vibrator is on a woman, and she starts to buck like a wildebeest in heat? Well, a man can feel those same sensations when an enthusiastic partner uses the best fleshlight on him.

So if you’re a man looking to purchase one for yourself, don’t worry about what your lover might say. Show them it, be open, and have them use it on or with you. If you’re a woman and considering buying one for your guy, do it, he will thank you. He may be apprehensive at first(due to the stigma of using one) but trust me, he will love you that much more for it.

One of the most common questions we receive from woman go something like this. “I really want to buy this for my boyfriend, but I’m concerned he won’t want me anymore, what do you think?” Have no fear, while your vagina may not have all the twists and ridges of a fleshlight, nothing can replace the mental stimulation of being with you.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight

No, the Kleenex isn’t for the Fleshlight – it’s for you. Cleaning the unit takes a little more than a quick wipe or two. Open the small cap all the way and remove the sleeve; if there’s a little gunk on the case it can be wiped off. The important part, obviously, is cleaning the sleeve.

First things first: do not use soap (and absolutely don’t use a dishwasher). Any soap will cause the sleeve’s material to break down and render it useless. Simply run warm water through it until it’s clean. That may not sound hygienic, but it will do the job. If you’re still concerned, Fleshlight makes an antibiotic cleaning spray that might make you feel better.

After washing, don’t just put the sleeve back in the case and put the Fleshlight away. If it’s still wet, you’ll end up with mold and mildew issues. Leave the sleeve out to dry on its own, ideally in a warm, dry room with a fan blowing on it if necessary. When the sleeve’s completely dry, you’re ready for another go. If you’ve bought multiple sleeves, naturally, you won’t have to wait.

Regular use of a Fleshlight will keep it pretty much in its original state. If you don’t use it for a while, though, the sleeve can start to dry out and get sticky. The best solution is to coat it gently with Fleshlight Renewing Powder (or corn starch), which will restore it to near-new condition.

Care for your Fleshlight properly, and it will give you years of incredible satisfaction. The only possible problem: you’ll love it so much that you’ll find yourself unable to keep buying more and more Fleshlights and sleeves. An enormous number of the company’s customers own more than one – and after you try it, you’ll understand why.

Tips & Tricks

The biggest tip we can give you is staying relaxed and not trying to rush to orgasm or shove your dick in unlubricated. Don’t try and panic use it minutes before your mother, wife, or girlfriend is about to step through the door. Be open about it, relax, and enjoy yourself. Explore the different angles, depths, and tightness settings.

You can do so many different things because you don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else but yourself. You can go hard and fast or soft and slow. Experiment and try new things until you hit that sweet spot that always get you off.

Best Fleshlights Comparison Chart

Stamina Training Unit$$STU4.5/5
The Original$$Vaginal4.4/5
Tenga Flip Hole, Black$$Custom4.8/5
Tenga Flip Hole, White$$Custom4.7/5
Mangasm Life-Sized Jessica Sanders$$Vaginal/Anal4.5/5

Wrap Up

Overall, a good fleshlight is something all men should own. Even if you have a significant other, there will be times when they are out of town or tired. It’s much better than your hand. However, it is important you have realistic expectations when it comes to fleshlights. They aren’t a replacement for a real person. That being said, they are much more intimate and pleasurable than your hand. However, they will never be able to match the mental stimulation of a living, breathing human being. We hope you’ve found our fleshlight reviews helpful.

I’m just a girl who wants everyone to have many long and pleasurable orgasms. I know it may seem strange but I’m just trying to make the world a little happier in the best way I know how. I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself!

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