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Lubricant is a great way of enhancing sex and maybe even opening new and exciting back doors. Adding a bit of flavor to the mix can change the way you view and experience oral sex. They also smell delicious which is a major plus! Unfortunately, most companies fail at producing a high quality flavored lubricant. They either come out tasting nothing like they describe or have a horrible texture that will make you want to gag. So, me and my wife decided to thoroughly test as many different products as we could. After many long, hard, and rigorous testing sessions we managed to narrow it down to just four. Here is our list of the best flavored lubes.

1. Aloe Cadabra Peppermint

This is our favorite on the list for a few different reasons. Firstly, Aloe Cadabra is the first and only company allowed to call themselves “organic”. They use the highest quality ingredients that really set them apart. Perfectly safe to eat and place anywhere else on your body.

Secondly, It’s useful for so much more than just simple lubrication. It’s also great as a woman’s moisturizer and PH balancer. The rich aloe vera and vitamin E soothe the vagina and help to combat dryness and itch.

Lastly we love the peppermint flavor. Peppermint itself is a great way to mask any unpleasant smells or tastes. On top of that it also adds a wonderful tingling and cooling sensation. It feels fantastic on all the erogenous zones. It can really take sex and an orgasm to a whole new level.

2. Aloe Cadabra Pina Colada

Very similar to the one Aloe Cadabra above except for the flavor. If you love the taste of coconut and pineapple than look no further. This is an absolutely amazing tasting lubricant. It can honestly change the way you view oral, it is the best tasting lube.

Really can’t recommend this brand enough.

3. Anjou Strawberry

Anjou is a lesser known brand with a really good product. They specialize specifically in lubrication. While we found their lubes to be very good at lubing things up, the taste wasn’t that great. However, the strawberry flavor is the exception. It tastes and smells exactly like strawberries. The texture is also very light, thin, and water like.

Very pleasing in the mouth and on the skin. Highly recommenced if you enjoy berry flavors and smells!

4. Passion Lubes Watermelon

Passion Lubes is another great brand with a quality product. Very similar to the Anjou with the exception that it tastes of watermelon instead of strawberry. It has a very light feeling with a texture similar to saliva.

The watermelon flavoring is pretty strong and covers up any smells or unpleasant tastes. Highly recommended by us and the reviews speak for themselves.

Why Use A Flavored Lube?

There are many reasons you may want to try a flavored lubricant. For example, as much as you may enjoy going down on your significant other, sometimes it may not taste that great. You want both people to enjoy themselves as much as possible. By adding some favorite flavors to the mix you create a more enjoyable sexual experience. Furthermore they smell really nice which is always a plus. It helps everyone involved get off.

Secondly, many women don’t produce enough natural lubrication. This is nothing to be ashamed of and can be easily remedied by adding a few squirts of lube. This can also change with age, diet, health, and levels of arousal. We enjoy it like a slip&slide down there so we always opt for the wetter options.

Last but certainly not least they can add an extra tingle and heighten the experience. That’s why we recommend the peppermint so much. The feel of it adds a cool and tingling sensation that will really create a better, more explosive orgasm.

Where To Buy?

We suggest using Amazon for all your purchases. They have excellent costumer service, versatile and inexpensive shipping options, and great prices.

best flavored lubes

How We Picked Our Four Winners

We graded each lubricant in a few different categories. We then ordered our results based on these categories. This is how we did it.


Price is always an important factor to consider before making a purchase. It can be best flavored lube in the world but if it costs $100 an ounce, it’s probably not worth buying. We looked for product that had a lot of value for the cost.


If you’re in the market for a flavored lubricant, you’re obviously going to want something that tastes good. As we mentioned earlier, many of the products we reviewed tasted awful or didn’t work well. We gave taste a lot of weight in our reviews.


The reason most people purchase a flavored lube is to make oral sex more enjoyable. While flavor certainly is very important, so is the texture. Imagine putting a goopy mess in your mouth, similar in texture to an uncooked egg. For most people the very idea is revolting. Many of the products we reviewed had this very problem. We instantly removed them from our list as the texture was enough to make us gag.


The lasting duration is always a concern especially when using water based lubricants. We looked for products that would last long enough to work throughout our entire session. While reapplying is perfectly normal, having to reapply every 5-minutes was a serious problem.


Why even bother with a lubricant if it’s not going to be able to have a good glide. Even if we found a great tasting product, if it couldn’t keep us well lubricated, we rated it lowly.


In conclusion, we have tried to give an honest account of the various flavored lubricants out there. The best flavored lubes we found were based on customer reviews and are own personal use. We reviewed well over 30 different products. No matter which you choose we hope you enjoy it and yourselves.

Please let us know what you think in the comment session below. We would love to know of any products you’ve found that work well and taste great!

I’m just a girl who wants everyone to have many long and pleasurable orgasms. I know it may seem strange but I’m just trying to make the world a little happier in the best way I know how. I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself!

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